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RKX089LP The Sextones - Digital Cover.jpg

"...The album resembles a packet of sweets from which we draw for a few minutes of pleasure each time renewed."

- Rolling Stone Magazine, FR


“There's plenty here to suggest The Sextones should take pole position on today's Lowrider soul scene.”
- Shind
ig! Magazine

"With its smart balance of punchy upbeat jams with orchestral slow jams, 'Love Can't Be Borrowed' adds another strong offering within the current retro soul revival"

 - Alex Ruder (KEXP)

"This band is un-fucking-believable. The Sextones have become notable as one of the best examples of the New Northern Soul explosion. 'Love Can't Be Borrowed' is the band's sophomore attempt to 'up their game' amongst a respectable handful of other recording acts who are running the race along side them, and I can attest that they are winning. The Sextones second studio effort is nothing short of perfection."

 - Goldmine Magazine

"The Sextones have really nailed the retro soul vibe here on their second album. With Monophonics auteur Kelly Finnigan on desk duties, this has a warm, analogue palette; and underneath the summery sitars and call-and response harmonies are some killer tunes."

- UNCUT Magazine

“Of all the songs this reviewer has written about for SoulTracks, this is THE one that is a complete knockout in my book.“
- SoulTracks

"The result of a Herculean work ethic, mixed with a Sherlock Holmes-esque attention to detail and a nuance that can be appreciated by true music lovers." 

- Okayplayer

"Love Can't Be Borrowed is accomplished and mature."

- Record Collector Magazine


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